Medical Alert Button - Tampa Bay Area

Get emergency "HELP!" with a touch of your button!

Give Us A Call BEFORE You Fall!

Are you in denial?

Many people who can benefit from a Personal Emergency HELP Button, are in denial of what can happen when they fall.


When you fall, and can't get up, you need a plan! Now is the time to plan for a fall! Give us a call BEFORE you FALL!


We have been helping people in the Tampa Bay Area maintain their independence since 2002, and unfortunately the majority of NEW SUBSCRIBERS get their "HELP!" Button AFTER they experience a fall or medical emergency and have the eye opening realization that they are no longer able to reach the phone and their cry's for "HELP!" go unheard!


Your mom deserves a quality system with responsive operators who can get her help quickly!


You can't be there all of the time, but we can!



Peace Of Mind!

An Emergency "HELP" Button, does much more than get assistance in an emergency situation, we provide "Peace Of Mind!"


The subscriber- achieves Peace Of Mind and feels more confident doing activities in and around the home. Many times after a fall or medical emergency, people feel reluctant and aprehensive about performing their activities of daily living, and limit their ability to live without limitations, in their own home. Having help available with the touch of their button, brings new confidence and allows them to maintain their independence and remain in their own home environment!


Family Members- Are you a "Superman" caregiver?

Everyone wants to jump in and help out immediately after a fall or medical emergency, but eventually even the best family caregivers have to resume their own lives, children, work, and other obligations can only be put off for so long. 

The "HELP" Button provides you Peace Of Mind, knowing that if you are not there, help is still easily available, and you will be notified right away if there is an emergency!


Medical Professionals- Nothing can replace a real person caring for your patient, but even patients that have services like home health care are still vulnerable between visits, our services "bridge the gap" between family member and professional visits. We make help available 24 hours a day at the touch of a button.

We can also notify you (by fax, e-mail, text or phone) any time there is a medical emergency with your patient or client.


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